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ZSR Homepage Search and Primo
A good place to start for many topics.

MLA International Bibliography
Covers modern literature (~1500-present). Use MLA to focus on your chosen writer as an author instead of as a historical or religious figure.

L'Année Philologique
In-depth database that focuses on Greek and Latin literature, history, etc. Despite the French name, the interface is in English. Use instead of MLA for Augustus and Augustine.

America: History & Life
U.S. history

Historical Abstracts
Non-U.S. history, 1450-present

ATLA Religion Database

Tips on Names

C. S. Lewis: enter his name as lewis c s with spaces between the c and the s. Capitalization and periods don't matter. For even more precision, add 'clive staples'

Augustus: In ZSR search, use augustus AND emperor in the Everything search. For even more precision in the Library Catalog search, try  augustus, emperor of rome, 63 b.c.-14 a.d.

In L'Année Philologique, click Advanced Search, then look for "Thematic search - specific." Choose "More search possibilities: Click here." In the Ancient Person box, type ahead to choose  "Augustus (empereur ; 63 av. – 14 apr. J.-C.)."

Augustine: In ZSR search, try augustine and hippo in the Everything search or augustine, of hippo, saint, 354-430 in the Library Catalog search.

In L'Année Philologique, use the "Ancient Person" technique described above for Augustus but choose "Augustinus (Aurelius)."

Search Tips

Personal Names: L'Année Philologique uses true Latin names and Romanized Greek names for ancient authors. Most other databases use the more common English name.

Library Catalog (Author Browse) uses: Virgil, Homer
L'Année Philologique uses:  Vergilius Maro (P.), Homerus

In L'Année Philologique, use the Ancient Author and Text search box to find the proper form of the author's name.

L'Année Philologique and most other databases use * to cut off a word stem, e.g. gladiator* retrieves gladiators, gladiatorial.

Type the word AND (or use the second row) if you want to enter more than one word that is not an exact phrase.

You can limit by modern language in the Advanced Search screen.

Search operators AND OR NOT must be ALL CAPS to work in the Homepage/Primo search.

Subject Guide

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