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APA 6th ed. Style Guide: Getting Started

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About This Guide

Use the tabs above to find detailed instructions about APA citation style for a variety of resources!

Basic APA Format

APA formatting is based on citing scholarly journal articles. All reference list citations follow the same basic format: 


For scholarly journal articles, this means: 

who = author 

when = date

what = title of the article

where = name of journal, volume, issue number, page numbers, doi

Here is a sample reference list citation

Drapalski, A., Bennett, M., & Bellack, A. (2011). Gender differences in substance use, consequences, motivation to change, and treatment seeking in people with serious mental illness. Substance Use & Misuse, 46(6), 808–818.

Here is are some examples of how to cite this source in text

Drapalski, Bennett, and Belack (2011) found.... a recent study concluded (Drapalski, Bennett, & Balack, 2011). 

Drapalski et al. (2011) discovered....

While the specific elements will differ based on what you are citing (book, book chapter, website, blog, etc.), they all follow this same order. The tabs above provide guidelines for citing different kinds of sources.

The APA Manual (6th ed)

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