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WRI 111: Writing Home: Writing About Where We Come From: Home

This guide supports students with Project 3: Autoethnography of a Group in Laura Giovanelli's WRI 111 course, "Writing Home"

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Deadline is April 9th to complete your personal research session with a ZSR Librarian & bring a signed business card to Prof. Giovanelli.

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

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Meghan Webb
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Database Search Tips

  • Use quotation marks around a phrase to retrieve results that include the exact phrase - for example "body image" or "genetic engineering" or "third culture kid".

  • When searching for a keyword with multiple variations (ex. "child", "children", "childhood", etc.) use the root form of the word with an asterisk (the little * symbol). Using child* will retrieve all keyword variations-- child, children, childhood. 

  • Be specific: A search for child* and media and violence is much better  than one for television violence

  • Use the various ways of limiting a search that appear on your results screen - most interfaces let you limit by publication date, subject, format and more. Use these to narrow your results list as much as possible.

  • If you are having difficulty at any point in the research process, your friendly ZSR Librarians are here to help!

General Databases

Subject Databases (Social Sciences)

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