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This research guide is designed for students doing research in political participation. If you run into any obstacles, don't hesitate to contact me at Some general searching tips are below! ~ Rosalind Tedford


  1. When searching for multiple-word phrases, putting them in quotation marks really helps you get better results! (i.e. "Gun control" "United States")
  2. When you use an * at the end of a root word, you get all possible endings to that word - i.e. econom* gives you results with economy, economic, and economics. 

US News Sources from ZSR

Multi-Source Databases for US News

These database allow you to search across hundreds of national news sources at one time. 

REMEMBER: we also have institutional access to a wide range of US news websites including New York Times and Wall Street Journal

Resources for Final Essay

Finding academic sources:

Search the ZSR Online Catalog for things such as:

  • "Political Participation" "United States"
  • Constitutional Amendment Voting "United States"
  • "Mandatory Voting"
  • "Civic Engagement"
  • Voting (hispanic OR latin*) "United states"

Finding public opinion and other data on political participation, polarization, etc:

ThinkTanks and Policy Orgs Interested in Democracy, Elections, Participation, Polarization, etc. 

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