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BEM 371(A): Strategic Management: Home

Resources for Professor Dickson's Strategic Management Class

Strategic Assessments

Industry & Competitive Environment

Acquisition Research

Historical Moves & Financial Analysis

Company/Industry/Market News

Search term suggestions:

(company name or industry) AND acquisition

(company or industry) AND ("diversification strategies" OR "risk aversion") 

(industry or company) AND ("human resources" OR "personnel management")

(industry or company) AND (procurement OR costs OR purchasing)

(industry or company) AND (logistics OR production OR inventory OR manufacturing)

(company) AND (suppliers OR "supply chain")

(industry) AND ("new entrant" OR "market entry")

(industry) AND competition

acquisitions AND (implications OR complications)

(product) AND alternatives

(customer) AND (industry OR company)

"customer demand" AND (industry)

"customer preference" AND (industry)


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