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This guide is for students in Prof. Scholl's FYS Quantum Change: Understanding the Personal Transformation Phenomenon. If you need assistance finding resources, use the button to the right to send me an email.

Contemporary Counseling Concern Paper

Citation & Research Assistance

The library will be holding walk-in sessions to assist students finding resources and citing them. Here's a link to the dates, times and location.

If you're interested in learning about Zotero and how it can help organize your sources, attend a workshop in ZSR. If you'd like to learn on your own, here's a guide to using Zotero.


CQ Researcher
The reports in this database will provide an excellent background including the current situation, timeline, and outlook.

National Institutes of Health
The NIH which includes the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) provides numerous resources on social conditions

This database provides articles in the psychology field. You'll find articles about the conditions and theories related to them.

Social Science Citation Index
This databases has articles in the social sciences including psychology and counseling..

The assignment

Contemporary Counseling Concern Paper (Paper & Presentation, 140 pts.):  For this assignment each student will write a paper addressing a contemporary human problem (e.g., drug addiction, recidivism, bullying). Research the problem and describe information detailing the significance of the concern, and factors contributing to the problem’s development. Drawing on the content of this course, design a change program to address the selected problem. The paper/presentation should include a description of an integrated theoretical basis (i.e., two or more theories) for the program and a description of the program. Last, describe how you will assess the effectiveness of the program. (Required minimum length – 6 pages).

Subject Specialist

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